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China, wh■ich is highly l◆iterary, has a l〓ot of momentum in di■gital cultur●e, especially no◆w that it is co■ming out in movie 〓form such as● The Wandering Eart■h, he noted.He s■aid Liu Cixin's fict〓ional worlds〓, such as the〓 one in the Three B●ody Problem, point t〓o the past histo●ry and cultur●e, and invite read■ers to explore fu〓rther.Similarly, ■gamers may○ encounter The Thr●ee Kingdoms, a〓 14th-century histor●ical novel consid◆ered as one■ of the Fou〓r Great Class■ical Novels of● Chinese liter〓ature, in t○he form of a game●, and it and other n◆ovels in the form of■ fan fictio◆n, he said."I● don't know how 〓much fan fiction can〓 lead readers ba◆ck to great ori●ginal literary○ works, but we can 〓explore the ◆possibilities,○" he said. "T●he motivation◆ or rationale ○to do so is to engag◆e with the fee○lings of a C●hinese his〓torical subjecti●vity, and thro○ugh it learn 〓what matters to ■people in Chinese 〓society rather ◆than simply have it ○explained."Please sc◆an the QR Code○ to follow us ■on InstagramPle■ase scan the QR Code● to follow

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